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Derek Muro is a creator of music that embraces concepts of emotion, memory, and perception. Beginning his career from an art space in Bushwick while working weekend shifts as a church organist, he is now an award-winning composer for film and interactive media, having a diverse career that has wound through film & game studios, performances at BAM and the Yale Institute for Music Theatre.


Raised in a musical family (his mother a church music director, his father pioneering electronic musician Don Muro), a world of disparate genres existed all under the same roof, ultimately setting him on a journey through the Juilliard Pre-College program and a composition degree at Manhattan School of Music.  Leading his way through various DIY circles in Brooklyn in the following years, a move to Los Angeles and immersion in the craft of scoring to picture ultimately brought him to a position as partner and creative director at YouTooCanWoo.

The album 'cues' (2021) developed from a fluid blend of composition and improvisation integrating saxophone, keyboard instruments and found sound with live electronics - combining strains of ambient, new classical, drone & balearic music with lo-fi minimalism. 


'chronopolis' was released April 7, 2023 on the Acrylic label.

a trusted New York voice

mixing the cutting-edge with minimalist classicism

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