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01 ramble ¹
02 rill ¹
03 rill ²​
04 rove

05 ramble ²

06 root

released april 9, 2021

toucan sounds YTCW070

From the organic and moving opener ‘ramble¹’, to the deeply introspective ‘root’, the New Yorker’s breadth of talent and influences are on full display across the album. Vast yet particular atmospheres and moods drift in and out of focus across the six tracks, showcasing muro’s talent for crafting wholly engaging and cinematic soundscapes. ‘rill​ ¹’' sees muro pair field recordings with hazy, washed-out guitars that float effortlessly into the gloomy depths of ‘rill ².' On ‘rove’, the ferocious experimenter and principal vocalist at New York City’s notorious House Of Yes Daisy Press appears, providing an ethereal vocal performance amongst muro’s shimmering production.

derek muro: orchestrations, saxophones,
synths, piano, 8 string bass, vocals

alex beckmann: percussion (1,5)
jacob st. john: percussion (1,5)
daisy press: vocals (4)
jessica hill: vocals (5)

written / produced by derek muro
mix by david perlick-molinari & derek muro
art by lea wülferth and derek muro
press photo by guarionex rodriguez, jr
mastered by alex deturk

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