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'cues' available now, press highlights

The album has been getting some nice write-ups and premieres over the last few weeks. Here are some highlights:

Bolting Bits premieres ramble ², describing the record as "an immersive, sonically restless, texturally diverse set of tracks" with "a highly-attuned sense of pacing, emotion, and storytelling." "There’s a deft touch to the drama which never allows the track to careen too far into cliche."

Inverted Audio premieres rill ¹ - "‘cues‘ oozes texture, and we are not talking “many layers of gaseous fog” that the word “texture” is often ill-applied to. It is music that is visual, treating field recordings, acoustic instrumentation and the human voice like physical materials, weaving ribbons of audio through contrasting patchworks."

Miromu finds the record to be a "...personal statement to the world. As his sound fluctuates over the layers of harmony, he zooms in and out of each and every emotion brought to the table of perception. having developed a dual vision by this time, not only he fills the room up with sound but also creates vivid imagery which complements every piece on the album."

MagazineSixty - "Resolutely musical in nature, though radically departing from previous decades, the emotional depth on display grabs your psyche turning it upside down."

Yes/No - "This track begins as if it were about to erupt into a rave-ready tract of Balearic breakbeats: synth chords wobble and sigh on a backdrop of elastic intent. Instead, it evolves into a cross of Gregorian chant and jazz (like a future revival, perhaps, as if it has already been a thing)..."


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