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A 23 minute short film by MADCAP PROJECT that plunges into uncharted territory when it comes to the Puerto Rico crisis. Faced with an overload of media that predominantly focuses on the negativity that has plagued the country, this piece detours to uncover the positive that has literally and figuratively been buried.

Christine Nieves, Fernando Samalot and Jesse Levin do not know one another but they all have a familiar struggle. All three are entrepreneurs working in Puerto Rico with a common goal; to get the people of the community back on their feet, by their own means. It is no surprise that the three of them have found it challenging to accomplish their respective goals under the current circumstances of the colony. However, they all embrace unique tactics on how to invigorate and empower the people of the territory.



Audience Choice Best Documentary/Rincon Film Festival

Best Documentary Film/Rincon Film Festival

Best Of Festival/Rincon Film Festival

Best Editing/Enfoque Film Festival

Best Cinematography/Enfoque Film Festival

Best National Documentary/Enfoque Film Festival

See the full film here.

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